The capacity to make quick and optimally informed decisions is the key to mission success for many of our customers.

In other words, a crystal clear view of the latest developments and a fail-safe means of mission control are the cornerstone of smooth functioning and effective control rooms and workstations. In order to secure these critical advantages for its customers, Objekt plus Design offers a wide variety of sophisticated solutions designed to meet the most complex and individual of requirements. In highly sensitive and security-related areas, we also see it as our responsibility to help our customers promote a calm environment and minimize the potential for stress.

"Objekt" in this connection stands for workstations that are made up of smart materials, modules and technologies. "Design" refers to our capacity to provide solutions that stand the test of time in terms of their ergonomic and aesthetic value. This latter aspect is so important because no matter how sophisticated a control station may be, it will still need to be operated by human beings.

In order to ensure the security and comfort of these human beings while they perform their important work, we pay special attention to the sensitive interfaces between people and their equipment. Mastering this task is the key to the mission success of Objekt plus Design.

Leitstellentische von O+D             Referenzobjekt: Kreisleitstelle Mettmann